Friday, October 15, 2010

The Birth of the Mini Cake

Here's how a new product begins:
  First, I (Lillian) recently had a terrible cupcake. I'm told there are a lot of great cupcakes shops in the world, but this was not from one of them (no, I won't tell you where I got it). The cake was dry and if it had been actually flavorless that would have been better. Instead it had a strange, what-is-that taste (turns out it was supposed to be peanut butter). Then the frosting was greasy and nauseating. Maybe that's a little redundant because frosting that makes you think of grease is inherently stomach-turning, right? Second, standing at work I often gaze over at the covers of cooking magazines and right now there is a beautiful pumpkin cake on the cover of Fine Cooking. Third, though we have plans for a lot of non-bacon products, currently we're selling sweets in a butcher shop so we're taking that combination to its tippy-top. We've been wanting to have a cake available for the Bacon Lover's Birthday, so we developed a Pumpkin Cake with Bacon Pecan Brittle and Browned Butter and Cream Cheese frosting. Fourth goes like this: But Johnny, can't we make them small and cute? I like things that are cute.
  So he did make them small and cute. And the cake turned out so insanely moist and I'm a sucker from cream cheese frosting and the middle bacon brittle layer provides the perfect crunch factor and that's how Mini Cakes are born. Available to start on the weekends and by special order for $4.95. Larger sizes coming soon.

Testing the for the perfect height of a Mini Cake