Here are our current products which are available through our Etsy Shop - more to come later. As products are finalized, we will post descriptions & pictures. Please note an interesting quirk of Etsy: when a product sells out and we relist it, it gets a brand new link. We try to come straight here and update the link, but if you ever see "Sold Out," don't believe it! Go to main shop page and you'll see the item there.
If you live in the Seattle area, please visit The Swinery in West Seattle where you can see our baked goods in person. Stay tuned - much more to come!

Evil Chocolate Brownies
These brownies are like a gateway drug that leads straight to serious chocolate addiction. They are so dense and creamy they almost deserve to have the word fudge in their name, but the slight crunch of the top and bottom and the little bit of cakeyness makes them still brownies. Made with top notch 64% dark chocolate & high quality vanilla extract. (I freeze them so they last longer. Then, in the evening when I need a little sweet treat, I microwave a couple for 30 seconds to make the middle a soft and warm. -Lil).

$8.00 + shipping
12 brownies per bag.

Ingredients: sugar, flour, 64% chocolate, butter, vanilla, eggs, salt.

Bacon Caramels
These buttery, creamy caramels with crunchy bacon are the definition of a perfect sweet & salty combination. We make them in small batches, then cut and wrap each by hand. The bacon comes from Zoe's Meats, another great Seattle company.

$7.50 + shipping
12 caramels per bag (roughly a 1/4 pound).

Contact us for information about bulk (unbagged) discounts if you would like more than 36 caramels.

Ingredients: Sugar, cream, bacon, butter, honey.

Bacon Pecan Brittle
This is not your grandma's brittle - it's packed with crispy chunks of bacon and pecan pieces. We like it crumbled on our Pumpkin Cake or just as a sweet snack.

Made with bacon from Zoe's Meats, another great Seattle company.

$5.00 + shipping

Each bag weighs 1/4 pound. We break it by hand so the pieces are irregular.

Ingredients: pecans, bacon, sugar.

Bacon Joys
This is a twist on one of our favorite candy bars, but take away the creepy unpronounceable ingredients and add in chunks of bacon from Zoe's Meats, another great Seattle company. Coconut macaroon with smoky bacon mixed in the chewy center, topped with a whole almond, then hand dipped in dark 60% chocolate. Made with organic coconut.

$9.00 + shipping
6 Joys per box.

Ingredients: bacon, organic coconut, sugar, almonds, chocolate, egg whites, honey, flour, salt

Who knew that Almond Joys were a preservative-packed take on a traditional Alsatian coconut macaroon? When we figure it out, we had to start making our own. These cookie/candies have a chewy coconut center, toasted almonds throughout, dark 60% chocolate coating, and the traditional whole almond perched on top.

$7.00 + shipping
6 Joys per box.

Ingredients: organic coconut, sugar, almonds, chocolate, egg whites, honey, flour, salt

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Exactly what it sounds like. The bacon & chocolate combo is unbeatable. After you bite into these you may be wondering “where’s the bacon?”, then it creeps up on you at the end. Make sure you have a glass of milk close by.

$4.50 + shipping
Bag of 6 cookies

Ingredients: flour, chocolate, brown sugar, butter, bacon, sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking soda

Bacon Shortbread Cookies
We took a rich, flaky shortbread cookie recipe and added pieces of salty, smoky Zoe’s bacon to come up with this delicious treat. They’re about the size of a silver dollar, so you and a friend could eat the whole bag at tea time.

                                     $4.50 + shipping 
Bag of 12 cookies

Ingredients: flour, butter, sugar, bacon, eggs.

Pumpkin Mini-Cake with Bacon Pecan Brittle & Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting
Don’t call these cupcakes. These are mini-cakes. Super moist and lightly spiced pumpkin cake layered with browned butter cream cheese frosting & bits of our own bacon pecan brittle. You’ll be talking about it long after it’s gone. Serves 1 - 2. Most of the time just 1.

3 inch mini-cake - $4.95

Ingredients: pumpkin puree, sugar, flour, cream cheese, butter, brown sugar, eggs, buttermilk, bacon, pecans, baking soda, salt, spices.