Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing the Betty Bar

When grandma calls and requests some sweets for a bake sale, how can I refuse? They have one every four months or so where she lives and I always look forward to it. She doesn't really care what I bring over as long as it includes her favorite treat. My grandma is hooked on a bar cookie that I've named after her because she loves them so much - Betty Bars start with a thick shortbread crust, the a layer of jam and a streusel topping that has enough seeds to energize you for hours. I made this batch with blackberry jam. Lil likes one with her tea in the morning and I'd have to agree that they're the perfect morning treat. These won't survive a trip through the mail but there's a chance they'll survive the cut for the retail counter. I'll have to run them by the Taste Testers for approval first. A pan of evil brownies and crunchy coconut macaroons rounded off the bake sale box.