Thursday, April 15, 2010

Evil Chocolate Brownies

As much as I love chocolate I have never been a member of the Cult of Chocolate Eaters. Out to dinner, I would order bread pudding over Death By Chocolate, or something like that, every day. But these brownies are like a gateway drug that leads straight to serious chocolate addiction. They are so dense and creamy that they deserve the word fudge in their name, but the slight crunch of the top and bottom and the little bit of cakeyness makes them still brownies. We recently ended up with 3 large ziplock bags packed full of these in our freezer and I went on a chocolate binge like I've never gone on before. It's so easy to take one or two out of the freezer after dinner, microwave for 15 seconds, pour a glass of milk, and you're done for. After a month of this I had to take them all to work. Thank goodness the recipe is 95% done. I don't think I'd last through much more recipe testing without heading down a dark (chocolate-tinted) path of self-destruction. The bad/good news - John wants to offer two different brownies and the testing for the 2nd (non-fudge) one hasn't even started.

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  1. Arrgghh... I just ran across this in a random search and WHAT!?!?!?!? The most amazing looking brownies EVER and no recipe? What? That's just SO WRONG!!!!!!!!

    :D Should you need a recipe tester... well... (*waves*)