Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doing things a little out of order

I think deciding on the logo design is the hardest part of opening a business. Li and I have a sense of how we want it to look but sometimes you just have to leave things to the experts. I met with my friend, and graphic designer, Sergio last week at Roy's BBQ in Columbia City. While chowing down on our Georgia Golds we talked about the art logo. I wanted something that was simple but memorable. It had to convey a sense of quality but not high brow. After hearing my ideas, Sergio agreed to take the job. His compensation? Food. He does however have a couple of other jobs that precede Sugar & Salt's, but hopefully it'll be a quick stroke of creativity on his part.

Talking logos with Sergio made us realize something. We've already snagged the domain name, facebook, twitter, flickr and gmail addresses but we hadn't done the most important step in all - registering our name with the city! Everything will be pointless if we can't secure Sugar & Salt's name. I promptly got on the website and filled out the master business application for Washington state. We probably don't have anything to worry about but I still can't help it. My fears won't be settled until I hear back that the application has been accepted. Until then we're keeping our fingers crossed and doing more recipe development testing.

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