Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Test Kitchen

Bacon Joys and John's hand
Here are a few things I'm looking forward to this Fall - molasses cookies made with bacon (and maple frosting?), the finalized version of the peanut butter cup (with candied peanuts) and the almond butter cup (if almond butter wasn't so expensive I'm sure Reeses would make these), and getting all these things out to the public.
You can buy the caramels, Joys (bacon or baconless), brownies, and a couple other products at The Swinery (thanks guys) here in West Seattle. But what about the rest of the country (world!)? We have to wade through the regulations about online and mail-order sales to get this really up and going. In the meantime, you can call The Swinery (206.932.4211) or email us ( We're going to put together a "Special Orders from Sugar & Salt" section on this site (and pamphlet to take away from The Swinery). You'll be able to order in advance just about everything we've ever talked about making (as long as we can make it legally in The Swinery kitchen).

Bacon Caramels, in case you couldn't guess.

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  1. rien de mieux que ces caramels: ils fondent tout doucement dans la bouche avec le mélange parfait entre le sucré et salé. Bon appetit!